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Derartu Tulu

[Photo of Derartu  Tulu]

21 March 1972

2:23:30 (World Championships, 2005)


07Nov10 ING New York City Marathon 14th 2:32:46
01Nov09 ING New York City Marathon 1st 2:28:52
06Nov05 ING New York City Marathon 3rd 2:25:21
14Aug05 IAAF World Championships, Helsinki 4th 2:23:30
10Oct04 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon 8th 2:30:21
13Apr03 Flora London Marathon 10th 2:26:33
14Apr02 Flora London Marathon 9th 2:28:37
22Apr01 Flora London Marathon 1st 2:23:57
16Apr00 Flora London Marathon 6th 2:26:09
21Apr97 Boston Marathon 5th 2:30:28


14Mar10 Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2nd 2:28:13
19Apr09 Nagano Olympic Commemorative Marathon 4th 2:34:17
16Nov08 Tokyo Women's Marathon 9th 2:36:47
27Apr08 Madrid Marathon 2nd 2:36:32
17Apr05 Nagano Olympic Commemorative Marathon 3rd 2:31:58
18Nov01 Tokyo Women's Marathon 1st 2:25:08
19Nov00 Tokyo Women's Marathon 3rd 2:26:38
12Dec99 Honolulu Marathon 3rd 2:40:51


Derartu Tulu made history in 1992 when she became the first black African woman Olympic gold medalist. She won the 10,000 meters at the Barcelona Games, a feat she repeated at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. In 2004 she added an Olympic bronze medal. She also earned the gold (2001) and silver (1995) at the World Championships.

Tulu has been a tremendous cross country runner, taking the IAAF World Cross Country title in 1995, 1997 and 2000, plus a silver medal in 1991.

She made her marathon debut at Boston in 1997 and had great year in 2001 winning both the London Marathon and Tokyo International Ladies Marathon. At the 2005 IAAF World Championships she just missed the podium, finishing fourth but she lowered her personal best to 2:23:30.

Tulu ran the Nagano Olympic Commemorative Marathon for the second time in April 2009 placing fourth in 2:34:17. However after running 1:10:33 at the Philadelphia Half Marathon in September, Tulu felt confident in doing well at the New York City Marathon in November.

She was rewarded with the second Major victory of her career, dropping her last challenger, Lyudmila Petrova, as she passed Columbus Circle. Tulu became the first Ethiopian woman to win the New York City Marathon.


Prior to winning the 2009 ING New York City Marathon, Tulu had several years off form after giving birth to her second daughter. Besides her daughters Tsion and Ruth, Tulu has raised four adopted children. She owns a hotel and has a school named for her in Addis Ababa.