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Scoring System

Athletes earn points by placing among the top five in Qualifying Races during the two-year period. Points are allocated following each race as follows:


1st place          25 points

2nd place        15 points

3rd place         10 points

4th place         5 points

5th place         1 point


The champions of the WMM Series will be the man and woman who score the greatest number of points from Qualifying Races during the two-year scoring period.


During each scoring period, points from a maximum of four Qualifying Races will be scored. If an athlete earns points in more than four events, the athlete’s highest four finishes will be scored. In order to qualify, an athlete must compete in at least one Qualifying Race during each calendar year of a scoring period.


In the event of a tie, the winner shall be determined using the following tie-breaker:


1. The athlete with the best head-to-head record during the period (including all Qualifying Races in the period, not just scoring races) with be declared the winner. Only the fact that one athlete finished ahead of the other will be taken into account and not by how many places.


If there is still a tie, the following tie-breakers will be used in descending order until the tie is broken:


2.  The athlete who has achieved his or her points in the fewest races.

3.  The athlete who won the most Qualifying Races during the period.

4.  The athlete with the fastest average time in his or her scoring races.

5.  The athlete who the majority of the Race Directors of the six World Marathon Majors races determines to be the champion. In such circumstances, the Race Directors may decide to award the title jointly.

If an athlete starts a race but for any reason does not complete it, he or she shall for the purposes of tie-breakers 1 and 2 above will be treated as having taken part in the event.