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Catherine Ndereba

[Photo of Catherine Ndereba]

21 July 1972

2:18:47 (Chicago, 2001)


02Nov08 ING New York City Marathon 5th 2:29:14
17Aug08 Olympic Marathon, Beijing 2nd 2:27:06
04Nov07 ING New York City Marathon 5th 2:29:08
02Sep07 World Championships Marathon, Osaka 1st 2:30:37
05Nov06 ING New York City Marathon 3rd 2:26:58
14Aug05 IAAF World Championships Marathon, Helsinki 2nd 2:22:01
18Apr05 Boston Marathon 1st 2:25:13
22Aug04 Olympic Marathon, Athens 2nd 2:26:32
19Apr04 Boston Marathon 1st 2:24:27
02Nov03 ING New York City Marathon 2nd 2:23:03
31Aug03 World Championships Marathon, Paris 1st 2:23:55
13Apr03 Flora London Marathon 2nd 2:19:55
13Oct02 The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon 2nd 2:19:26
15Apr02 Boston Marathon 2nd 2:21:12
07Oct01 The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon 1st 2:18:47
16Apr01 Boston Marathon 1st 2:23:53
22Oct00 The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon 1st 2:21:33
17Apr00 Boston Marathon 1st 2:26:11
07Nov99 New York City Marathon 2nd 2:27:35
19Apr99 Boston Marathon 6th 2:28:27


29Jan06 Osaka International Ladies Marathon 1st 2:25:05


No distance runner over the last 10 years—or perhaps in history—has been as dominant as “Catherine the Great.” In 2001, she was the pioneer in cracking the 2:19 marathon barrier, a feat only one other woman, Great Britain’s Paula Radcliffe, has achieved since. Ndereba was the first African woman to win the World Championships Marathon in 2003, and she followed that up with silver-medal performances at the 2004 Olympic Games and 2005 World Championships. In 2007 she became the first woman with two IAAF World Championships gold medals and in 2008 she won her second Olympic Games silver medal. The only four-time female champion of the Boston Marathon and a two-time winner of the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon, Ndereba has finished on the podium in a record 17 World Marathon Majors competitions.

Her second place at Beijing and fifth place at New York City gave her a lifetime record of 8 firsts, 8 seconds, one third and two fifths in Majors. She has scored 332 points, the most in history ahead of Grete Waitz's 320.

Ndereba has also been a proficient half-marathon runner. She has a personal best of 1:07:54 and has won half-marathons in North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

Among the many races on the US road circuit she has claimed victories at the Bay to Breakers 12K, Beach to Beacon 10K, Bobby Crim 10-Mile, Cooper River Bridge Run 10K, Falmouth Road Race 7-Mile, Philadelphia Distance Run Half-Marathon, Quad City Times Bix 7-Mile, Tufts 10K for Women and Utica Boilermaker 15K.


Catherine Ndereba began training during a seventh-month job at a Kenyan government prisons college. She met her husband, Anthony Maina, there and they currently live in Nyeri, Kenya with daughter Jane born in 1997.