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Chunxiu Zhou

[Photo of Chunxiu Zhou]

8 March 1979

2:19:51 (Seoul, 2006)


22Apr07 Flora London Marathon 1st 2:20:38
14Aug05 World Championships Marathon 5th 2:24:12
22Aug04 Olympic Games Marathon 33rd 2:42:54


Zhou made marathon history in 2005 when she became the first woman to run four sub-2:30s in one year.

She won in Seoul on March 13 in a lifetime best of 2:23:24 and just 13 days later won again in Xiamen, China in 2:29:58. After a 2:24:12 fifth place at the August World Championships she contested Beijing two months later and wound up second in 2:21:11.

That was Zhou's third consecutive runner-up placing at Beijing to go along with three victories at Xiamen and two at Seoul.

Her win at Seoul in March of 2006 was all the more significant as she reached the finish in 2:19:51 making her the seventh woman in history to break 2:20. She bypassed Beijing to focus on the Asian Games in Doha, Qatar where she was unpressed in winning the gold medal by three and a half minutes.

Zhou then scored a major breakthrough at the 2007 Flora London Marathon, becoming the first Chinese woman to win a Big City marathon race. A 5:09 for the 24th mile broke open what had been a close contest with Gete Wami.

Zhou also has excellent 10,000 meters speed, running 31:09.03 at the Chinese National Games in 2005.


Zhou was born in the Jiangsu province of China.


09Dec06 Asian Games Marathon 1st 2:27:03
12Mar06 Seoul International Marathon 1st 2:19:51
16Oct05 Beijing International Marathon 2nd 2:21:11
26Mar05 Xiamen Marathon 1st 2:29:58
13Mar05 Seoul International Marathon 1st 2:23:24
17Oct04 Beijing International Marathon 2nd 2:28:42
27Mar04 Xiamen Marathon 1st 2:23:28
19Oct03 Beijing International Marathon 2nd 2:23:41
30Mar03 Xiamen Marathon 1st 2:34:16